Caribbean Gold Teas. Premium quality flavours of tropical fruits and herbs. Taste the difference.
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Jus Grow Jamaica Exotics


Quality nutrition

Our products are made with high quality ingredients and rigorous production processes to offer better nutrition.

Variety of options

We offer a wide variety of healthy and delicious products to satisfy our customers' tastes and needs.

Comfort & accessibility

Our products are imported and exported to different places, in order to be close to you. The best quality.

Commitment to welfare

We strive to promote a healthy lifestyle by marketing only products that guarantee good nutrition.

About us

About us

At Jus Grow Jamaica Exotics, we are passionate about bringing the most authentic and healthy flavors from the countryside to your table. With years of experience in exporting processed food and health products, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality products to our customers around the world. Our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility drives us to work closely with our agricultural partners and producers to ensure that every bite you enjoy is delicious and nutritious. Welcome to our family!


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Monday to Friday 9 am / 5 pm